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Detox is The First StepDetox Centers in Boise are healthy, clinically-supervised treatment centers that help addicts take their first step towards recovery. Detoxification, often known as detox, is a regimen meant to cleanse drugs and pollutants from the bloodstream; however, there is an essential difference between detox and rehab; detox isn’t to be confused with rehabilitation. The detox process can also be frightening for addicts who have attempted the ‘cold turkey’ technique, or for people that have been using drugs for years, but it doesn’t need to be. In reality, cold turkey can even be inappropriate in some circumstances, so Addiction Center Boise utilizes safe and confirmed methods that treat each and every client as people with different detox requirements. To speak with a detox professional, contact Addiction Center Boise at 208-231-1355 today!

What to Expect from Detox

Addiction Center Boise offers a highly customized detox procedure, but there are three common stages that their clients can expect. The evaluation procedure is vital to determine which drug, or drugs, are being abused, and in what amounts. It is not unusual for addicts to abuse a couple of drugs, commonly alongside alcohol, which will affect the detox methods the client needs. After client evaluation, Detox in Boise starts to lead the patient through the process of detoxifying their bloodstream from drugs. When the body is purged of harmful drugs, then Addiction Center Boise suggests that their clients transition into a customized rehabilitation treatment program so as to develop lasting and continual health.

Why Treatment Is So Crucial

Although detox is an important first step for most people affected by drug and alcohol addiction, there are underlying psychological factors that can complicate rehabilitation if not appropriately treated. After detox, and without additional guidance, addicts can easily find themselves in scenarios in which they may use again. Location can be a very powerful factor in the rehabilitation process. Rehabilitation is much more effective while the addict is removed from the surroundings that triggers their addictive habits.

After the preliminary detox process, Addiction Center Boise encourages continuation into one of their twenty-eight day, sixty day, or 90-day rehab programs. Detox is bolstered in rehabilitation, where addicts take part in individual and group therapy, the twelve-step community, and engaging diversions and physical activity. Rehabilitation reinforces detox, encouraging the addict in recovery to remain clean and sober. Additionally, clients keep busy with instructional programs created to assist them to succeed in their recovery and life goals.

Take the First Step Today!

Detox is more effective as first step if followed by drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs. Treatment centers that only focus on detox are unable to reinforce their clients beyond the first step, but Addiction Center Boise is aware that their clients can preserve a sober and wholesome lifestyle even after detox with the help of a rehabilitation program. Though detox purges the body of drugs and pollutants, it doesn’t address the triggers responsible for drug and alcohol use in the first place. Treatment facilities that only supply detox programs can’t make any guarantees that their clients keep clean and sober forever, but Detox Boise, Idaho wants their clients to leave with the tools to fight drug and alcohol addiction for the rest of their lives. Take the first step towards sobriety, and speak with a detox expert at 208-231-1355 today!